Handcrafted Artisan Olive Leaf Tea

What Makes It Great
  • Our teas are produced from fresh leaves harvested in the Spring and Autumn from Boundary Bend's olive groves in north west Victoria, Australia.
  • They are picked and processed fresh using a traditional Japanese green tea method utilizing steaming, cooling and rolling to maximize the flavor and antioxidant content.
  •  Our olive leaf tea is 100% produced from fresh leaves, and all of our olive leaves are fully traceable from grove to cup 
  • The packaging is beautiful and makes an amazing gift, perfect for this holiday season and beyond!
Olive Leaf Tea History 101 
  • First used medicinally in Ancient Egypt, the olive leaf contains a diverse range of powerful antioxidants, the most prominent of which are Oleuropein and Hydroxytyrosol. 
  • Since ancient times, the olive leaf has been used in many forms including tea both as a refreshing beverage and to prevent and treat conditions such as the common cold 
  • Olive Leaf Tea is naturally caffeine free and rich in potent, natural olive antioxidants